Grattan MacGiffin and Dana Hanby take part of the new working group chairs of CMIA

Grattan MacGiffin Chief Commercial Officer and Dana Hanby, Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer at ALLCOT, respectively, are granted new positions in working group chairs at CMIA. MacGiffin presiding over the Voluntary and Pre-Compliance Markets chair and Dana Hanby, the ICar & Ratings chair.

Dana Hanby is an Energy and Environmental markets professional with experience in both physical and financial/derivatives energy and emissions markets. At ALLCOT, She is responsible for delivery of highly focused business development services to companies seeking to enhance their presence in the international energy and emissions marketplace. She is also responsibile for regulatory control.

Grattan MacGiffin is in charge of end-to-end sustainability solutions at ALLCOT.

The Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA) is the voice of the climate, sustainable finance and services community.

Governments and policy makers across the world recognise CMIA as a leader among progressive trade associations with regards to incentivising low-carbon and resource efficient investment through market mechanism, pre-compliance markets, or climate and sustainable finance mechanisms.