ALLCOT Group attended and sponsored IETA European Climate Summit, where leading climate and energy practitioners discussed key developments in carbon markets

Tommi Neuvonen, Group Managing Director at ALLCOT Group, and Fernanda Castro, Head of Operations, attended IETA European Climate Summit, which took place on April 16th to 17th 2019 in Lisbon, with a Pre-Event day on April 15th. Also, ALLCOT was a gold partner of this event, supporting the accomplishment of it.

The summit brought together leading climate and energy practitioners where they discussed and analysed key developments in carbon markets and emissions trading, green finance, industry decarbonisation and energy transition, and beyond.

2019 is a key year for climate action as we get closer to the “post-2020” world, which many of us have devolved and dedicated a lot of effort to help shape. While we approach the 2020 milestone, this event provided an opportunity to take stock of the main developments to date as well as discuss the next steps for climate action primarily at the European level, and internationally.

Beyond the carbon market sessions and panel discussions, the summit also marked the 20th anniversary of IETA that the organization is celebrating in 2019. So all the attendants celebrated IETA’s birthday together, with their members, partners and friends and, in a pure Talanoa spirit, reflected on where we – the carbon market community – are, where we need to go and how we’ll get there, inspiring our actions going forward and in hands on manner.

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