ALLCOT Group, a great partner for carbon footprint offsetting

ALLCOT Group stands out in the renowned digital media El Español ENCLAVE ODS, as a great ally in the smart implementation of programs aimed at helping companies interested in offsetting their CO₂ footprint. Natalia Rodrigo, Business Chief Business Development Officer, represented ALLCOT and shared her knowledge and extensive experience in offset markets.

The rise of the offset market represents a great challenge for companies that have ventured into sustainable decisions. However, Natalia, in this medium, explains that there are ways to offset the carbon footprint. That is, from “reforestation, preservation of the Amazon in Colombia, reforestation of mangroves in Mexico, or creation of wind farms in Chile”.

The creation of projects aimed at decarbonization by means of compensation, through the conservation of polluted and degraded areas, play an important role in the mitigation of carbon emissions and conservation of life in all its forms.

ALLCOT has put all its efforts to protect our planet and help more companies become interested in measuring their carbon footprint and at the same time, implement action towards decarbonization. It is through innovative strategies that we will be able to achieve the objectives of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

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