ALLCOT Group- Sygris alliance, the best solution for SME sustainability reporting

In recent years, all major companies have turned their efforts towards digital transformation and sustainability. No longer an option, the company that does not embrace these two issues will not survive for many years to come. However, for the small and medium-sized business segment, it seems that the road to sustainability is getting a bit uphill. Why? Let’s look at an example!

Marta Garcia started a small espadrille business more than a decade ago. In the early years, the company made small productions of footwear and had a staff of 4 employees. The business was growing slowly, but in 2017 it hit a spurt because her espadrilles appeared on the Instagram account of a famous influencer. Since then, its turnover has increased exponentially, and it now has more than 40 employees and different workshops throughout Spain.

Marta is aware that her business already has a very large volume of activity and would like to do her bit to offset the impact it has on the environment around her. She keeps hearing about sustainability and new laws that could affect her business in this regard, so she decides to do some research on the internet. During her search, she discovers many terms she didn’t know: ESG, GRI, carbon footprint, European taxonomy, Statement of non-financial information… Marta feels overwhelmed, she doesn’t know where to start!

Today, there are many SMEs in our country that are in Marta’s situation. They don’t know how to create and implement a sustainability plan or how to report their non-financial information (they are not even aware of whether they are required to do so or not).

But don’t worry, if you have an SME and don’t know how to deal with this issue, Sygris and ALLCOT Group have hit the bull’s eye on these problems through their recent alliance.

SMEs’ challenges  

When it comes to sustainability reporting, SMEs face two major challenges: the lack of standardization and the difficulty of collecting all the necessary information. This information must be grouped in line with a clear taxonomy and interpreted according to its impact, in order to establish improvement commitments at a holistic level, with credibility and transparency towards all stakeholders in the short, medium and long term.

In this regard, Ana Palao, Client Experience Director at Sygris and expert in Sustainability, stresses that “it is essential that SMEs overcome both challenges and begin to report and reverse their impact on the environment around them, as they represent more than 96% of the productive fabric of our country”.

Words with which Natalia Rodrigo, Group Chief Business Development Officer of ALLCOT Group, agrees and adds: “Being able to organize, analyze and interpret data efficiently is the guarantee of success towards a transparent and direct reporting, ensuring the integrity of the organization and added value”.

A value-added partnership

Sygris is a leader in the collection, analysis and management of the data required for sustainability reporting.  It is a Development Platform that enables Advanced Information Processing and the automation of Internal Processes in a SaaS Cloud environment. Designed under the Low Code paradigm, Sygris allows the dynamic, intuitive, easy to learn and functional development of innovative digital solutions. The catalog of solutions covers a very broad spectrum, but it is in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability where Sygris has been the leading product of the sector in our country for more than a decade, above the rest of the international competitors.

ALLCOT Group is an international consulting firm that works as a strategic and integral ally, committed to long-term relationships. Hand in hand with its clients, ALLCOT Group helps to understand and interpret their environmental impact; articulating a roadmap for improvement based on sustainability performance analysis, sector and regional benchmarking and defining how impact reduction measures should be established, including mitigation, adaptation and offsetting of emissions through the acquisition of triple impact credits (ESG).

Undoubtedly, the ALLCOT Group– Sygris alliance will mark a differentiating milestone for companies looking for added value in their allies and an effective and comprehensive solution to their sustainability challenges, beyond reporting, towards a reality.


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