Young Entrepreneurs Initiative

Aware of the role of new generations in the fight against climate change, ALLCOT decided to involve the families of our team through ALLCOTooNS.

ALLCOToons is a space in which children and young people can approach different environmental or sustainability issues, expressing their vision about them. This time we wanted to pose a challenge to the smallest, is that they can capture through a drawing, an experiment or as a creative piece their vision on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

It is very simple to participate, each week one of the SDGs is shared with them, so that they reflect on the problems that are ending and how they can relate it to their daily life, so that they can create a piece or experiment that reflects this experience. The works are classified into two categories – children under 10 and over 10 years old, from each of the assigned committee chooses a winner.

The award consists of a voucher in which they can redeem in an activity related to the environmental theme or in the purchase of material to carry out a project related to this theme.

Great little artists

Below, you will find the works and their creative authors:

#ODS17 – ALLCOT involucra a los más pequeños a través de “ALLCOTooNS y los ODS”