BAIA BELLA, the first carbon neutral beach club of France

BAIA BELLA has quantified its corporate carbon footprint for the year 2021, in order to identify opportunities that contribute to the management and reduction of its inventory of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Fulfilling its commitment to the environment, BAIA BELLA became the first carbon-negative beach club of France, offsetting its carbon footprint with the assistance of ALLCOT Group.

BAIA BELLA has contributed to the Durango – EcoMethane project in Mexico that generates energy from landfill gases (LFG) and implements clean and efficient technologies, promoting less dependence on the electricity grid and implementing generation of local employment in the project area.

In addition, it is committed with conservation of ecosystems and has also contributed to the Maísa REDD+ project in the Pará State of Brazil collaborating with the conservation and protection of the forest, providing protection to endangered species that live in the area, plus promoting sustainable agricultural activities thus helping the communities that inhabit the area.

BAIA BELLA’s objective is to continue improving and ALLCOT hopes to support their efforts in the implementation of effective emission reduction strategies.


Communication ALLCOT