Brazilian company buys 34,000 forestry offsets from Peruvian project

Companies are aware of the impacts of climate change more and more. One of them is Natura, the Brazilian largest cosmetics enterprise.  For that reason, it bought 34,000 carbon credits from a reforestation project in Peru developed by Bosques Amazonicos.

Natura will use the VCUs (verified carbon units) to help it offset its greenhouse gas emissions, which totaled 280,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in 2012.


The credits come from the Campo Verde reforestation project located in the central Peruvian province of Ucayali, an initiative to restore original vegetation to a degraded area of Peru’s Amazon rainforest. It has been validated under the Verified Carbon Standards (VCS).

 This is the second deal in two months closed by Natura to buy forest-based credits. In September, the company had disclosed an agreement to buy 120,000 VCUs from the Surui REDD project, a program to avoid deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

Natura has a portfolio of emissions reductions projects located in several Brazilian states and in Colombia. It includes fuel switching, energy efficiency and forest restoration projects. Therefore, the company reduced the carbon intensity of its production by 28 percent from 2006 to 2012, according to its annual sustainability report, and has been carbon neutral since 2007.



maria soler