Climate Change: how can Artificial Intelligence tackle it?

A paper called “Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning” was recently published and discussed at a workshop during a major AI conference in June. This document shows how Artificial intelligent would help change the biggest challenge of our planet “Climate Change”

David Rolnick, one of the authors and a postdoctoral student said “It’s surprising how many problems machine learning can meaningfully contribute to.” CO2 removal, energy production, solar geoengineering, education and finances are some of the areas that machine learning can be deployed.

Here are three ways machine learning can help battle climate change:

Better climate models.

Predictions are important, and making them better can help officials make informed climate policy, allow society prepare for change, and uncover areas that could reverse some effects of climate change. All this push is builds on the work already done by climate informatics, a discipline created in 2011 that sits at the intersection of data science and climate science.

Showing the effects of extreme weather.

“Our goal is not to convince people climate change is real, it’s to get people who do believe it is real to do more about that,” said Victor Schmidt, a co-author of the paper.

Measuring where carbon is coming from.

Carbon Tracker an independent financial think-tank is working toward the UN goal of preventing new coal plants from being built by 2020.

By monitoring coal plant emissions with satellite imagery, Carbon Tracker can use the data it gathers to convince the finance industry that carbon plants are not profitable. “In the future, if a carbon tax passes, remote sensing Carbon Tracker’s could help put a price on emissions and pinpoint those responsible for it”.

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