COP26: What to Expect

Written by Arturo Vallejo Abdala, Group Head of Policy, ALLCOT

Moving forward to action regarding the fight against climate change is critical for Humanity and Planet Earth. COP 26 is a unique platform for this as it gathers governments and stakeholders from public and private sectors with the same main goal of keeping global temperature under 2 ° C and ideally on 1,5 ° C. Countries have to think as one and come up with solutions that promote not only emissions reductions, but also sustainable development.

I expect important outcomes of COP 26 on the following topics:

          Ambition in NDCs.

          Implementation of NDCs.

          Transparency and the Enhanced Transparency Framework.

          Finance for Mitigation and Adaptation actions, and for developing countries.

          Rulebook for operationalizing Article 6.


          Carbon markets, and fair and equitable carbon pricing.

          Private sector participation and contribution.

From a personal point of view, I hope to contribute to the enhancement of carbon markets within Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and the positioning of the private sector as a key stakeholder in the fight against climate change, as well as to work towards the establishment and strengthening of South-South alliances.

Finally, I remain positive about the success of COP 26 in Glasgow thanks to the commitments of governments and the private sector.

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David Poveda