Ethics Committee


The Ethics Committee is an ALLCOT´s non-executive body founded on confidentiality and independent and impartial with respect to ALLCOT.

Vision, Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the Ethics Committee is to assist the ALLCOT Group in its quest to be a leader not only in sustainability but also in ethical practices and to create the highest standards in the industry for the protection of employees, customers, partners, advisors, suppliers and communities and, most important, for the survival of the Earth.

In order to achieve its purpose, among other functions, the Ethics Committee is empowered to:

– Review the practices, procedures and activities of ALLCOT Group´s Companies according to ethical standards.
– Propose improvements and solutions for ethical issues raised within ALLCOT´s practices, procedures and activities.
– Assist ALLCOT in the maintenance, development, update and enforcement of its Code of Conduct.

Words by ALLCOT´s Ethics Committee´s Chairman!

  1. The Ethics Committee is created to ensure the fulfillment of ALLCOT’s commitment to ethical practice and social assistance.
  2.  All employees, customers, partners, advisors, suppliers and communities involved in ALLCOT´s activities and projects are asked to respect our Code of Conduct.
  3.  We are one of the rare but increasingly numerous companies to define success by sustainable practice, ethical operations and social assistance.
  4.  We believe these results can be achieved in a company that values and will foster harmonious working relations among the entire team.
  5.  The Ethics Committee has been created to promote and protect these objectives.
  6.  We are independent and have the power to investigate.
  7.  We shall report to ALLCOT and its employees annually.
  8.  We are available to review any issue that concerns ALLCOT´s employees. They are free to contact any member of the Committee.
  9.  We shall treat the matter confidentially.
  10.  We shall examine the issue, inform the person who raised it and find a solution.
  11.  Many companies have compliance committees. Our tasks include this feature, but our mission is much broader.
  12.  Not only do we review complaints and verify activities, we will advise on improving the standards of ALLCOT’s business.
  13.  We consider that ethics include maintaining a harmonious working environment.
  14.  The Ethics Committee includes a social aspect in its program.
  15.  We will seek in our programs to improve the quality of life in the working environment of ALLCOT, but we will strive to respect the cultural values of those with whom we deal, adapting our programs to the needs we will seek to understand.
  16.  We hope all employees, customers, partners, advisors, suppliers and communities involved in ALLCOT´s activities and projects to assist us in our mission. Please aid us to improve the waywe work and act!

Structure and Composition


For further information and/or contact ALLCOT´s Ethics Committee please write to the email: