EU close to agreement on carbon market reform

The European Union is close to agreement on a plan to revamp its ailing carbon market. “We are nearing an agreement between the European Council and European Parliament to reform carbon market”, Sefcovic, a vice-president in the European Commission, told a news conference in Brussels.

In an effort to bolster carbon prices and spur industry to switch to greener energy, the EU’s executive European Commission has proposed a plan to remove hundreds of millions of surplus carbon permits from the EU Emissions Trading System from 2021.

However, some member states such as Britain and Germany, and some utilities, want action to begin earlier, in 2017.

Poland, dependent on carbon-heavy coal, and energy-intensive industry say the Commission proposal of 2021 is soon enough and the divisions between the two sides have been echoed in the European Parliament.

On Jan. 22, a pro-industry European Parliament committee failed to agree a date to reform the EU ETS, in the first of a series of votes in the coming weeks.

A source in the Parliament said the committee vote showed how split opinion is. The European Council of member states is also still divided, other sources said.

In the next step, the European Parliament environment committee will vote on the proposal on Feb. 24.


maria soler