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The celebration of events is linked to urbanization and the growing demand for transport and energy derived from it. In a context of globalization, international events whether cultural, sports-related or political, are increasingly frequent and of a larger scale. It is essential to organize them in a responsible and sustainable way.


At ALLCOT we help organizations design, organize and develop their events in a way that minimizes their potential negative environmental impacts, and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and all the stakeholders.


ALLCOT identifies, helps reduce and compensate events’ environmental footprint and align their sustainability strategies with the fulfillment of the UN 2030 Agenda through:

  • Calculation and neutralization of carbon footprints.
  • Calculation of water footprints.
  • SDG mapping.


The are many benefits these actions bring to the organization of events, including:

  • Contribute to climate change mitigation.
  • Significant water and energy savings.
  • Increase the brand value of the services offered.
  • Build a niche market of customers aware of environmental protection.
  • Assume a competitive advantage over competitors.
  • Adapt venues to current and future regulations.

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