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Tourism contributes to global warming and is affected by it. Climate change affects tourist destinations, since it produces permanent changes in landscapes, human settlements and ecosystems. If the conditions of climate change continue to advance, tourism flows will be affected, which could lead to business closure and job losses.


ALLCOT helps the hospitality sector in carrying out concrete actions that contribute to converting their establishments into spaces that make reasonable use of natural resources and limit their impact on the environment to commit themselves to the global fight against climate change.


ALLCOT identifies, helps reduce the hospitality sector assess and compensate its environmental footprint and align its sustainability strategies with the fulfillment of the UN 2030 Agenda through:

  • Calculation and neutralization of carbon footprints.
  • Calculation of water footprints.
  • SDG mapping.


The are many benefits these actions bring to the organization of events, including:

  • Contribute to climate change mitigation.
  • Significant water and energy savings.
  • Increase the brand value of the services offered.
  • Build a niche market of ecofriendly travellers.
  • Assume a competitive advantage over competitors.
  • Adapt venues to current and future regulations.

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