Impact Measurement

Sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant for companies, as they face more conscious and informed consumers about the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) investments. Therefore, in the sustainability industry, most social investments are not only being monitored, but investors in social programs are concerned about the efficiency in which their resources are invested.

Impact measurement is a service designed by ALLCOT to understand the impact of social investments being made by organizations (companies, NGOs, etc.) on a given community or group of participants in a project. The goal of this service is to ensure that the resources allocated to communities are invested in the most efficient way possible, highlighting the real impact of an organization through consistent and replicable metrics.

ALLCOT’s impact measurement methodology responds to the needs of each client. For each project, a specific methodological design of impact measurement is made. Some fundamental steps for this service are:

  • Methodological design according to the type of project or social investment. 
  • Data gathering, through surveys or interviews.
  • Creation of consistent, unbiased, and robust impact metrics.
  • Data analysis and data visualization.
  • Impact reporting.

The benefits of this service are significant, some of the most relevant are:

  • Allows organizations to identify which of their social investments generate the greatest impact.
  • Provides scientific evidence of the real impact of a social investment / program on a community.
  • Helps organizations make decisions on where to invest their resources. 
  • Allows for increased efficiency of resources invested in social projects.
  •  Greater impact on communities. Better focused resources result in better investments.

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