Mahindra Racing, together with ALLCOT Group, has positioned itself as one of the most sustainable motorsport

Mahindra Racing, the first Formula E team to be certified Net Zero Carbon Footprint from inception by ALLCOT Group, keeps the leadership on sustainability to retain the title of Greenest Team in Motorsports.

For Season 7 of the FIA Formula E World Championship, Mahindra Racing compensated its carbon footprint by contributing to the Renewable Energy Program in Karnataka, India supplied by ALLCOT Group. The program is designed to help increase the power supply through wind generation and helps improve the grid infrastructure.

Focused on its pledge to greater ROCE – Return On Climate and Environment – Mahindra Racing team speeds things up and commits to the ambitious targets set by the United Nation Sports for Climate Action.

With a mid-term target to reduce GHG emissions by 50% by 2030 – based on its 2019 baseline – ALLCOT Group is looking forward to support Mahindra Racing’s efforts in their implementation of effective emission reduction strategies.

ALLCOT Group will provide Mahindra Racing team with energy efficiency and waste reduction solutions, as well as access to impactful programs selection to offset their remaining greenhouse gas emissions.

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