Natalia Rodrigo highlights ALLCOT’s mission in a Corresponsables’ interview

ALLCOT Group was exposed in Corresponsables, an iberoamerican media focused on topics related to social responsibility and sustainability. In this interview, published in March 2022, Natalia Rodrigo Vega, Chief Business Development Officer, gave relevance to the important and arduous work of ALLCOT in the fight against the climate crisis.

In this well-known media, Natalia shared the story of the company together with its values and principles, and above all, its distinguishing objectives. In a complete and precise way, she showed some business lines that are currently available, such as: consultancy, commercialization of carbon credits, and the development of projects from zero. Moreover, she highlighted the important project that is being carried out in Senegal for the conservation of the mangrove.

Furthermore, Natalia, who has vast professional experience in the sustainability field, has identified a shared problem in organizations of the European Communities: the lack of standardized sustainability reports. Clearly, the ability to point out at this problem is an opportunity for different organizations to commit to the protection of the environment.

ALLCOT continues the task of proposing innovative solutions and strategies to lead eco-friendly projects for the environment, and that can be aligned with the agenda by 2030 for the Sustainable Development.

You can read more details about the interview following this link.


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