Natalia Rodrigo highlights, in El Mundo and Expansión, ALLCOT’s commitment to bring sustainability closer to SMEs

Currently, more and more companies require additional support to design, implement and report their sustainability and climate change strategy. The article published by El Mundo and Expansión in their special Environment section talks about these new regulations on non-financial reporting. Also, these two renowned Spanish media were able to interview Natalia Rodrigo Vega, Chief Business Development Officer at ALLCOT. In the interview, Natalia points out a growing need for some small and medium-sized companies to direct their activity towards sustainability, despite the numerous complications they may encounter at the beginning.

Among these difficulties is the fact that, first, not all of these companies have the necessary knowledge regarding the design of programs to combat climate emergencies, nor the procedures to be carried out. In that sense, Natalia states that one of the main challenges ALLCOT faces when working with these small companies is precisely the fact of “correctly organizing the input data”, tasks that “although they may seem simple, are the most complex for SMEs”.

On the other hand, Natalia points out that some of these companies, “do not have the capacity to afford a sustainability team”, even when they must comply with the commitment to report information on their performance on environmental issues, among many others. In this scenario, ALLCOT acts as their ally in sustainability, in the long term, adapting to real needs and budgetary capabilities, designing a simple, yet challenging, credible, measurable and permanent roadmap with impact over time. In short, at ALLCOT “we seek to remain competitive in order to reap the rewards in the future,” Natalia emphasizes.

With more than 10 years of experience in sustainability and climate change, ALLCOT continues to direct its efforts towards decarbonization and energy transition, providing support and offering strategic solutions for all those who wish to commit to sustainability, reaffirming its commitment to the environment and its desire to combat climate change.

Check the publication in El Mundo and Expansión here. You can also read the digital version of the article in El Mundo here.


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