Obtaining seals/certificates

Many companies use sustainability as a marketing tool. Some of the claims made in this context are exaggerated, biased, or in any case have not been verified by impartial third parties. It is difficult for consumers to identify companies, products and/or services that are truly committed to sustainability, and it is challenging for companies to stand out and make their sustainability achievements visible.

The seals endorsed by a recognized independent organization are a strong signal that a company can send to the market. For each economic sector, there are specialized sustainability seals that certify the sustainability of either a particular good or service, or of a company’s operations as a whole.

ALLCOT helps companies to identify which is the most appropriate seal given their needs and ambitions through a benchmark of the seals that could be applied on their activities. Likewise, ALLCOT is responsible for collecting and/or generating all the necessary information to apply for the seal and interact with the organization that grants it.

The seals will give weight and credibility to the company’s efforts in sustainability. It will allow the company to:

  • Access or strengthen your presence in market segments focused on sustainability.
  • Export to new markets. 
  • Strengthen itsyour reputation.
  • Anticipate future regulation.
  • Differentiate from competitors. 

Each seal has specific requirements and most of them need quantitative data to demonstrate compliance. ALLCOT is an expert in data collection, analysis and visualization, which will facilitate and accelerate the process of obtaining the seal.

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