Project description:

“The Durango – EcoMethane Landfill Gas to Energy Project developed by Biogas Technology Ltd is a landfill gas (LFG) collection and utilisation/destruction project taking place at the new sanitary landfill and the closed old site in the city of Durango, in the State of Durango, Mexico.

For the new site, the project activity includes two distinct stages and the first one is finished. In the first stage, the methane was captured and destroyed by using an LFG flare, and in the second stage, which is taking place now, the captured methane is being fed to the LFG flare and a modular electricity generation plant. The maximum installed capacity is expected to reach 2.0 MW.

This project advances the following United Nations Sustainability Development Goals:

Standard of issuance:


AMS-I.D. ver. 10
ACM0001 ver. 5

Amount of reduction:

41.884 tCO2/year

Service offered:



Landfill. CDM Post – Registration


September 2019