Project description:

The VCS hydroelectric projects at Oibita River consider the construction of two run-of-river renewable small hydroelectric plants with an effective power rating of 19.9 MW each. The project activity will be implemented in the riverbed of the Oibita River, in jurisdiction of the municipalities of Oiba, Guapota, Guadalupe and Chima, Department of Santander. The energy generated by the project feeds the National Interconnected System of Colombia.

The project activity contemplates the production of clean energy for the Colombian power grid with low emissions technology using a flow of water. The first development, named San Bartolome hydroelectric project collects the waters of the Oibita River at 1,274 meters above sea level, driving the water through an open channel to the Dufour type sand trap.

Using the waters from San Bartolome loading tank, the second project named Oibita hydroelectric project, collects the discharged waters at an altitude of 1,072 meters above the sea level, driving the water through a low-pressure steel pipeline to the penstock.

At the end of the tunnel a valve will be located inside of a cabin which will be connected to a pipeline, where the water flow reaches the distributor feeding two Francis turbines. A second surface powerhouse hosted the turbines with their respective generators, valves and control panels. The substation of the second power plant will be located besides the power house. The turbinated waters will be returned to the Suarez River through an open discharge channel.

This project advances the following United Nations Sustainability Development Goals:

Standard of issuance:


ACM0002 ver. 13

Amount of reduction:

100,508 tCO2/year

Service offered:

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