Project description:

The project activity consists in the construction of the Small Hydropower Plant Morro Azul with final installed capacity of 19.9 MW.

The SHP Morro Azul is located on the Risaralda River, Cauca River basin, in the municipalities of Belén de Umbria and Anserma – Risaralda and Caldas Departments, Colombia. The SHP will create a new a reservoir with 0.1217 Km2. The plant will be managed by the Risaralda Energía S.A.S. E.S.P., a special purpose society responsible for the power plant construction and operation.

The project activity main purpose is to provide electric power to the National Interconnected System, displacing the thermal generation from fossil fuels present in the system with the generation of renewable energy.

Moreover, it improves the supply of electricity in the country, contributing to its environmental sustainability by increasing the share of renewable energy in relation to total consumption of electricity in Colombia. Thus, the project activity supports the construction of new renewable energy project as environmentally sustainable alternative to generate electric energy.

This project advances the following United Nations Sustainability Development Goals:

Standard of issuance:


ACM0002 ver. 13 – Consolidated baseline methodology for grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources

Amount of reduction:

45,489 tCO2/year

Service offered:



Hydro. CDM Post-Registration


February 2019