Project description:

“The Tecamac – EcoMethane Landfill Gas to Energy Project developed by Biogas Technology Ltd and operated by Waste Co. is a landfill gas (LFG) collection and utilisation/destruction project taking place at the sanitary landfill of the city of Tecamac, in the State of Mexico, Mexico.

During the first project activity stage, the captured LFG was combusted via an enclosed LFG flare. The purpose of LFG flaring was to safely dispose of the flammable constituents, particularly methane, and to control odor nuisance, health risks, and adverse environmental impacts. This involved investment in a highly efficient and enclosed landfill gas collection system, and the requisite flaring equipment.

During the second phase, the Project Developer has begun to reduce greenhouse gas emission reductions.

This project advances the following United Nations Sustainability Development Goals:

Standard of issuance:


ACM0001 ver. 8

Amount of reduction:

29,271 tCO2/year

Service offered:



Landfill. CDM Post-Registration


September 2019