Sustainability reporting (ESG )

Businesses cannot succeed in a long-term context of economic crisis, social unrest or ecological degradation. They must disclose information about their impact on the planet, welfare, and all stakeholders in their business. The best way to publish this information is through a periodic sustainability report that follows some recognized sustainability standard, thus generating verifiable and consistent information.

Transparency improves the company’s relationships with stakeholders and allows action to be taken to mitigate any identified risks. In addition, a sustainability report generates greater reputation and confidence among consumers. This ultimately translates into access to new funding sources, specific markets, employee loyalty and greater profitability.

ALLCOT writes sustainability reports following the most recognized standards.

Furthermore, ALLCOT stands out for adding the global dimension through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which are increasingly consolidated as the universal metric of development, used not only by governments, but also by companies and NGOs.

Likewise, sustainability reports are built by multidisciplinary teams to achieve a technical description in each reporting sub-theme.

Some of the benefits of partnering with ALLCOT  to write an ESG Report are the following:

  • Risk Mitigation, the process of preparing a sustainability report succeeds in identifying an organization’s weaknesses and opportunities in advance. These findings can help assess risks and ensure that they do not arise unexpectedly.
  • Improves reputation and trust. The visibility of the organization’s good practices, as well as the issues in improvement generate trust and respect among stakeholders.
  • Attracting financing. Every time the companies prioritize risk rating they are considering the business model of the organizations with their environment as a critical point.
  • Competitive advantage. Depending on each geography submitting an ESG report is mandatory. However, if the sustainability report is not mandatory, companies that present this report voluntarily are few. Therefore, it results in a competitive advantage.

Metrics vary according to the requirements of each client and the type of standard they report to.

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