ALLCOT participates in the Mesa Más la Guajira to talk about Blue Carbon


Between May 12 and 14, in the city of Riohacha (Colombia), ALLCOT Group participated, together with various Colombian entities, in the Mesa Más la Guajira, organized by the ANDI’s National Water and Biodiversity Center. This meeting allowed participants to exchange institutional, business and organizational plans. Among the attendees were companies of the stature of Enel, Ecopetrol and Grupo Energía Bogotá, among others.

Lucas Rivera, Group Climate Change Innovation Manager at ALLCOT, participated in the meeting highlighting the relevance of the development of “Blue Carbon” projects, as an alternative for carbon sequestration, and contribute to the fight against climate change in the Colombian coasts. “Blue Carbon is that which is naturally absorbed and retained by coastal and marine ecosystems, such as mangroves, seagrass meadows and marshes.

Thus, these three ecosystems are responsible for storing half of the “Blue Carbon” buried under the seabed and, in addition, contribute to the protection of coasts from erosion generated by sea level rise and storms. Therefore, developing “Blue Carbon” projects is to promote coastal climate resilience, in terms of mitigation through carbon sequestration and adaptation through natural disaster prevention.

ALLCOT’s involvement in this participation is a further step in its commitment towards the development of projects that focus on the promotion of a sustainable economy and the implementation of strategies to achieve carbon neutrality.

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