Jujuy signs agreement with ALLCOT to make its entry into the carbon bond market viable

The Government of the Province of Jujuy (Argentina) , through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, signed an agreement with the international developer ALLCOT to promote projects qualified to the carbon market,  and finance the protection of Jujuy’s native forests within the framework of Jujuy’s Carbon Neutral Green Jujuy 2050 strategy.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Jujuy, María Inés Zigarán, and the CEO and founder of ALLCOT, Alexis Leroy, signed an agreement, in the framework of the COP Green Jujuy 2022.  This way, Jujuy reaffirms the policy of achieving a Carbon Neutral Green Jujuy 2050 by strengthening forest conservation through international financing, where ALLCOT will be a strategic ally.

ALLCOT is a project developer recognized worldwide for its results, knowledge, experience and management in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction initiatives to actively combat the climate crisis under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and aligning with the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The province would enable beneficiaries of the Forestry Law, i.e. those who own land with forest areas having some level of conservation, to submit projects qualified for the carbon credit market developed by ALLCOT, and allowing them to access international financing to better manage forests for climate change adaptation and reduce the risk of forest fires.

The parties agreed to join efforts to achieve the eventual implementation, development, validation and verification of a project grouped with VERRA’s specific methodology. The project will be located in the province of Jujuy, and seeks to implement actions for managing the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems in Jujuy, promoting the increase of carbon storage and achieving the issuance and marketing of verified carbon units.

ALLCOT will be in charge of listing the project, determining the additionality criteria, conducting the VCU ( Verified Carbon Unit) potentiality study based on the analysis of the management plans, conducting the legal and political characterization at the provincial scale, conducting the preliminary characterization of the community climate and biodiversity component (CCB), establishing the potential of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and establishing the requirements and deadlines of the Forest Stewardship Council.

ALLCOT is a company with global reach and local commitment providing solutions against climate change. ALLCOT offers extensive knowledge and experience for the development and financing of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, such as renewable energy, landfills, forestry, etc. ALLCOT also provides consulting and advisory services for all types of climate change and sustainability solutions, such as environmental footprint measurement.


Since 2009, ALLCOT provides innovative solutions to combat climate change and promotes sustainability through project development, carbon markets and consulting. ALLCOT’s vision is: to lead and accelerate the global transition to a climate neutral society by 2050. ALLCOT’s unique approach is based on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.It is also linked to the SDGs, non-market approaches and other mechanisms. Visit our website for more information about ALLCOT.


EL PAÍS, Spain’s renowned media, highlights ALLCOT Group’s work in its fight to mitigate carbon emissions.


In celebration of the World Environment Day, EL PAÍS has echoed, this Sunday, June 5, the work of ALLCOT Group for the financing and development of projects that contribute to accelerate the transition to a zero-emission economy.

The actions being carried out to combat climate change are still insufficient. It is precisely for this reason that, in line with the Paris Agreement, ALLCOT Group creates tools for the knowledge, interpretation and management of greenhouse gases (GHG) and, in addition, develops projects based on technology (wind farms, solar…) and nature (reforestation and mangrove conservation…). These projects aim to promote decarbonization and sustainable development, responding to the real needs of the affected populations.

These initiatives are financed through the acquisition of carbon credits, equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide that is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. In this way, ALLCOT Group, a strategic ally of countries committed to the environment, carries out different programs of activities related to access to health, reforestation, sustainable development or quality education, which generate a positive impact on the local community in which they are developed.

Since its inception in 2009, ALLCOT Group remains committed to providing strategic and innovative solutions to lead environmental projects that are aligned with the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


TAXI CLASS is committed to neutrality


TAXI CLASS has made a commitment to the environment by measuring its carbon footprint, with which it can know its direct and indirect impact on the environment and society.

In this way, TAXI CLASS has been able to identify its sources of emissions and is able to orient its business strategy towards a sustainable and carbon neutral business model, in line with current market trends and the preferences of consumers in premium segments in Barcelona.

Following the quantification of its 2021 corporate carbon footprint, TAXI CLASS has been able to identify opportunities that contribute to the management and reduction of its greenhouse gas inventory.

Fulfilling its commitment to the environment, TAXI CLASS joins the neutrality offsetting its carbon footprint by contributing to two projects with the help and support of ALLCOT:

  • Durango project – EcoMethane Project in Mexico, which contributes to the management of approximately 850,000 tons of waste, favoring the implementation of sustainable energy systems through the use of clean and efficient technologies and the conservation of natural resources; efficient generation of electricity from landfill gas throughout the country; increase employment opportunities in the area where the project is located; among other benefits.
  • Maísa REDD+ project in the State of Pará in Brazil, which collaborates with the conservation and protection of the forest, providing protection for 128 species of flora and 350 species of fauna, as well as contributing to the protection of endangered species of both groups. Through sustainable agricultural activities, it helps eight communities in the area.

ALLCOT looks forward to supporting TAXI CLASS’ efforts in implementing effective emission reduction strategies, and assisting them in their 2030 bid to have a fleet of ECO and zero-emission vehicles.

TAXI CLASS and the environment

With more than 20 years of experience in the transportation sector TAXI CLASS provides exclusive mobility services with a fleet of 175 luxury vehicles from brand like Mercedes and Tesla.

TAXI CLASS has initiated a transformation process aiming to meet sustainability and environmental standards and in line with European environmental requirements for the future. So, it is working on a progressive transformation of its fleet to ECO vehicles; so far it has opted for a neutral policy in terms of emissions of polluting gases from its activity.

In this context, and committed to the fight against climate change and the path to sustainability, TAXI CLASS will perform its carbon footprint through which they can identify and analyze their environmental and social impact with the help of ALLCOT, their ally in this framework. ALLCOT will help them define concrete actions to make your business sustainable, promoting the reasonable use of natural resources and their consumption.


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BAIA BELLA, the first carbon neutral beach club of France


BAIA BELLA has quantified its corporate carbon footprint for the year 2021, in order to identify opportunities that contribute to the management and reduction of its inventory of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Fulfilling its commitment to the environment, BAIA BELLA became the first carbon-negative beach club of France, offsetting its carbon footprint with the assistance of ALLCOT Group.

BAIA BELLA has contributed to the Durango – EcoMethane project in Mexico that generates energy from landfill gases (LFG) and implements clean and efficient technologies, promoting less dependence on the electricity grid and implementing generation of local employment in the project area.

In addition, it is committed with conservation of ecosystems and has also contributed to the Maísa REDD+ project in the Pará State of Brazil collaborating with the conservation and protection of the forest, providing protection to endangered species that live in the area, plus promoting sustainable agricultural activities thus helping the communities that inhabit the area.

BAIA BELLA’s objective is to continue improving and ALLCOT hopes to support their efforts in the implementation of effective emission reduction strategies.