The reporting period of the Annual Operation Certificate (COA) 2018 begins in Mexico and ALLCOT Group advises on this

The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico, SEMARNAT, has announced that on March 1 the reporting period for the Annual Operation Certificate (COA) 2018 has begun and that it ends on June 30, 2019.

The SEMARNAT is the one that reviews and concentrates the reporting instrument of the emissions and transfers of the establishments subject to federal competence report: fixed sources of federal jurisdiction, large generators of hazardous waste, waste management service providers, those that discharge water residuals to receiving bodies that are national waters, among others.

We should remember that Section VI of the COA reports and records the greenhouse gas emissions of 2018, as part of the National Emissions Registry, for which the same period applies to the Reporting Entities obliged to do so since they are generators.

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¿What is COA?

The Annual Operation Certificate (COA) provides information on emissions and transfer of pollutants to the air, water, soil and subsoil, hazardous materials and waste at the federal level in Mexico, to analyze the inflows and outflows, and apply reduction of pollutants, develop environmental and energy indicators, establish priorities under cost-benefit criteria and increase efficiency and reduce environmental damage, favoring competitiveness at the international level.

For companies, the COA is a pollution prevention tool that aims to improve environmental performance in the industry and serves as an internal use report that becomes an instrument for environmental planning and, as well as for the adoption of clean technologies or programs to detect environmental problems.