TAXI CLASS is committed to neutrality

TAXI CLASS has made a commitment to the environment by measuring its carbon footprint, with which it can know its direct and indirect impact on the environment and society.

In this way, TAXI CLASS has been able to identify its sources of emissions and is able to orient its business strategy towards a sustainable and carbon neutral business model, in line with current market trends and the preferences of consumers in premium segments in Barcelona.

Following the quantification of its 2021 corporate carbon footprint, TAXI CLASS has been able to identify opportunities that contribute to the management and reduction of its greenhouse gas inventory.

Fulfilling its commitment to the environment, TAXI CLASS joins the neutrality offsetting its carbon footprint by contributing to two projects with the help and support of ALLCOT:

  • Durango project – EcoMethane Project in Mexico, which contributes to the management of approximately 850,000 tons of waste, favoring the implementation of sustainable energy systems through the use of clean and efficient technologies and the conservation of natural resources; efficient generation of electricity from landfill gas throughout the country; increase employment opportunities in the area where the project is located; among other benefits.
  • Maísa REDD+ project in the State of Pará in Brazil, which collaborates with the conservation and protection of the forest, providing protection for 128 species of flora and 350 species of fauna, as well as contributing to the protection of endangered species of both groups. Through sustainable agricultural activities, it helps eight communities in the area.

ALLCOT looks forward to supporting TAXI CLASS’ efforts in implementing effective emission reduction strategies, and assisting them in their 2030 bid to have a fleet of ECO and zero-emission vehicles.

TAXI CLASS and the environment

With more than 20 years of experience in the transportation sector TAXI CLASS provides exclusive mobility services with a fleet of 175 luxury vehicles from brand like Mercedes and Tesla.

TAXI CLASS has initiated a transformation process aiming to meet sustainability and environmental standards and in line with European environmental requirements for the future. So, it is working on a progressive transformation of its fleet to ECO vehicles; so far it has opted for a neutral policy in terms of emissions of polluting gases from its activity.

In this context, and committed to the fight against climate change and the path to sustainability, TAXI CLASS will perform its carbon footprint through which they can identify and analyze their environmental and social impact with the help of ALLCOT, their ally in this framework. ALLCOT will help them define concrete actions to make your business sustainable, promoting the reasonable use of natural resources and their consumption.


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