All the auditing members at Allcot Mediterránea S.L. remain free from bias and conflict of interest in the services we offer, in order to preserve the objectivity of the audits and verifications that we perform, and ensure that the findings and conclusions are based on objective evidence. The Analysis of Independence to our auditors is done as part of the evaluation of the feasibility of offering any of the audit services of Allcot Mediterránea S.L to any of its potential clients.

The possible Conflicts of Independence are identified through the Procedure of Identification of Conflicts of Interest or Conflicts of Independence and these are resolved before beginning to work with any commitment with clients.

In addition, we ensure that decisions on appeals related to the results of our services, will not result in any discriminatory action against the appellant.
Allcot has procedures both to ensure the impartiality and management of conflicts of interest, and to address complaints and appeals that can be made available to anyone who requests it through the mail

If you need to know more information about our services and policies, please, do not hesitate to contact us here.