is part of our DNA

We are agents of change, with global reach and local commitment


In our fight against climate change, at ALLCOT we provide innovative, comprehensive and tailored solutions

Transparency, fairness and equity are our drivers on the road to Net Zero

ALLCOT develops projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and measures the socio-economic co-benefits through the SDGs

Our vision

To lead and accelerate the global transition towards a climate neutral society by 2050

Our mission

To provide the most innovative solutions for climate change and sustainability


Building trust, ensuring accountability and shared benefits

We are firm believers that our planet can only be protected with global collaboration

We claim equal rights and shared benefits among all parties involved

Local communities play an essential role in ecosystem and biodiversity protection. As land owners, they are our partners in the development of mitigation and adaptation projects


What we are made of









Ethics and Compliance

Our culture is that of integrity and ethical conduct.
We insist on the need for respectful and honest behavior among our individuals. 

Offering guidance and support

Our ethical compromise is set out in our Code of Conduct, that helps to comply with norms, principles and existing values.

ALLCOT’s Code of Conduct offers guidance and assistance in everyday situations and in the decision-making process among all our stakeholders.


ALLCOT’s Ethics Committee

Founded as a non-executive body, ALLCOT’s Ethics Committee is based on confidentiality and it is an independent and impartial organism.

Its purpose is to assist ALLCOT in its ambition of becoming a leader not only in sustainability but also in ethical practices. It supports ALLCOT in the creation of the highest standards in the industry for the protection of employees, customers, partners, advisors, suppliers and communities and, most importantly, for the survival of the planet Earth.

Members of the Ethic’s Committee

  • Tommi Neuvonen

    VP Business Development & COO

  • Ousmane Fall Sarr

    Regional Director West Africa

  • Mercedes Garcia

    Chief Implementation Officer

  • Vladimir Cabrejo Felix

    Administrative Senior Manager

  • Enrique Lendo

    Advisor & Business Developement

  • Arturo Vallejo Abdala

    Climate Action Policy Advisor