Increasing resilience, reducing vulnerability

Climate change adaptation actions are absolutely necessary and complementary to mitigation actions. At ALLCOT we help you plan and implement adaptation actions in order to reduce climatic impacts.


The consequences of climate change are undeniable. For that, as well as taking action towards climate change mitigation, there is a need to adapt to the effects of climate change

Moving to sustainable development

The implementation of adaptation actions is essential to promote sustainable development. By doing so, we are working towards reducing vulnerability in those areas most affected by the climate crisis. ALLCOT can support you in:

Climate Change Mitigation

  • Increasing the resilience of the areas of influence of a project 
  • Defining measures that favor infrastructures and societies’s adaptation to extreme events
  • Reducing vulnerability through modular construction based on recycled materials

Learn more about climate change mitigation

Take climate action and contribute to change climate change

Benefit from positive impacts

When working on adaptation initiatives, we try to consider not only how to reduce vulnerability to negative impacts, but also how to benefit from positive ones. It’s about improving the resilience of both ecosystems and the most vulnerable communities.

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