Promoting sustainable development

At ALLCOT we implement mitigation actions ensuring environmental integrity, transparency and the promotion of sustainable development aligned with the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our society’s decarbonization is a global challenge that we all must face. It requires a coordinated effort, bringing together governments, private and public sector organizations and society in general.

Study to implement

When talking about project development, the very first step is to understand the impact and benefits a project will generate back to its owner and to the environment. 

Project due diligence

ALLCOT generates your project’s due diligence. This feasibility study, in terms of carbon projects, will help you determine the viability of your project, whether there is an existing applicable methodology and how the carbon credit generation will behave. 


Our expertise to your service

Every emission mitigation project is intrinsically linked to a standardized methodology. However, there isn’t always a perfect methodology to match the project characteristics

deploying the appropriate tools to modify, review and adapt the calculation methodologies to each project

New Methodologies

At ALLCOT we advise and lead organizations through the design of new methodologies that meet specific project needs. We also offer our support in the adaptation of established methodologies to specific needs.


Offering our technical knowledge

ALLCOT’s technical team is specialized in the measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation outcomes to enhance global ambition in climate market-based approaches. 


We put our expertise to your service to help you measure and register GHG reduction projects, as well as verify timely certification of GHG reductions in terms of carbon credit generation. 

Our team is yours


As project developers, we put our team’s expertise and skills to your service

Project Implementation

We offer our support throughout your entire project development cycle. We cover and lead the process to register GHG reduction projects:

We do so through





Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes

ITMOs are international transfer mitigation units that contribute to increasing the global goal committed in the Paris Agreement. They promote low carbon technologies and accelerate the implementation of projects and programs.

At ALLCOT we actively work together with companies and organizations to design and implement ITMO generating projects, supporting their ambition towards the climate change mitigation commitments stated in the NDC.

Marketing carbon credits

AT ALLCOT we support you in the commercialization of the carbon credits generated with your projects. ALLCOT Trading’s triple impact trading is the evolution of traditional trading to promote sustainable development.

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