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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become a global priority as a tool to tackle climate change.

Identifying and understanding one’s relationship to the SDGs is key to improve and adjust sustainability strategies


We help you map, quantify, monitor and draft an improvement roadmap towards achieving realistic measurable goals.


Align your actions to the SDGs

We help you identify your organization’s level of connection to the SDGs so you can channel efforts at the neuralgic points to deepen the impact on the 2030 Agenda.

By understanding your organization’s relationship to the SDGs, you will be able to set the priorities in each action in order to align and draft an accurate sustainability strategy.

SDG Mapping provides a detailed view on quantitative and qualitative contribution to the 17 SDGs, as well as your organization’s strengths and opportunities in sustainable growth.


Measure and analyze your sustainable growth

By establishing an SDG Baseline, ALLCOT helps you identify your current level of compliance to the Agenda 2030’s SDGs indicators, as well as its evolution.


This baseline is key, as it allows to generate reliable and accurate information on the evolution of sustainability both in organizations and in specific projects.


Both relevant to public and private organizations, SDG quantification baseline is essential to calculate the evolution of sustainability indicators in projects and overall corporate level.



Follow up on SDG indicators

ALLCOT helps your organization create a monitoring plan that tracks the progress on pre-selected, quantified and regularly monitored SDG indicators.

SDG Monitoring sets the foundation in defining the status of compliance with sustainability indicators, which allows you to better understand the impact and repercussions of your organization’s sustainable actions and activities.


Adapt and anticipate future needs

ALLCOT provides your organization with relevant and significant information on its economic, environmental and social impact through SDG Reporting.


This solution brings essential data to be able to adapt to current legislation, anticipate future needs and design urgent measures needed to make the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development a reality.


Make your sustainable impact visible to your stakeholders

At ALLCOT, we translate all relevant information regarding your relationship with the SDGs into a roadmap oriented to achieving realistic measurable goals.

Improvement roadmap

We help you and your organization focus on specific measures to mitigate negative externalities and maximize the positive impact on the SDGs. This allows you to establish a clear plan of action, minimizing the margin of error when generating impact.

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