Decarbonizing the atmosphere

ALLCOT develops Technology-Based Solution projects in an effort to contribute to climate change mitigation.


Using technology as a drive to decarbonize the environment, we work towards helping organizations to efficiently transition to the use of clean energy, thus reducing negative impacts to the environment.


Solar, wind, biomass and hydro solutions

Energy systems employed by organizations, businesses and societies is source of a considerable amount of global carbon emissions. Transitioning to the use of renewable energy sources is key in contributing to carbon emissions reduction.


The installation of solar, wind, hydro and biomass plants,  prevents the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which, in turn, generates carbon credits

Waste management projects

ALLCOT actively works in the waste management sector, developing emission mitigation projects in all phases of waste management. The waste sector accounts for approximately 3,2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


Transitioning to a sustainable energy use

At ALLCOT we help organizations understand how they can improve their use of energy, becoming more sustainable and efficient.

Our team of experts supports you in the design and implementation of energy efficiency projects, guiding your organization towards avoiding carbon dioxide emissions.


Implement more efficient transportation

When talking about transport projects, ALLCOT helps organizations plan and implement their transition to new and more efficient transportation systems. For instance, by replacing a city’s diesel bus fleet with electric buses.

The carbon credits generated in these projects allow, in turn, to finance the transition to more efficient and less pollution transportation means.


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