Introducing our team of passionate and committed individuals


ALLCOT is made out of visioners, dreamers, game-changers and environment care-takers. We are here to change climate change!

Bringing ALLLCOT’s vision to life

You have ALLCOT’s team at your service, let’s work together!

Alexis L. Leroy

ALLCOT CEO & Founder

Alexis is an impact entrepreneur with vast knowledge and experience in the fields of sustainability, theory of change, carbon markets, climate change and the United Nations SDGs. He has extensive expertise in identifying and commercializing opportunities for multiple stakeholders

Our leadership

  • Tommi Neuvonen

    Partnerships Relations

    VP Business Development

  • Sergi Cuadrat Dieste

    Climate Action

    Vicepresident of Climate Action

  • Hans Joerg Witt

    Support Units

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Didier Jean Michel Gaspoz

    CEO Advisor

  • Ousmane Fall Sarr

    West Africa

    Regional Director West Africa

  • Alan Xavier Gomez Hernandez

    Sustainable Finance

    Director of Sustainable Finance

  • Andrés Eduardo Herkrath Sanclemente

    ALLCOT Solutions

    Chief Business Solutions Officer

  • Maria Mercedes Garcia Madero

    Project Development

    Chief Implementation Officer

  • Monica Maria De Oliveira Arias

    ALLCOT Trading

    Director Trading

  • Hammam Alkezmazy

    ALLCOT Academy

    Sustainability Leadership & Innovation Counselor

  • Raphael De Ry


    Director of ALLCOT In-Out & Tech.

  • David Fernando Paz Lozada

    Finance, Treasury and Budget

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Armando Hernan Alvarez Howard

    IT & SAP Support

    IT Senior Manager

  • Vladimir Andres Cabrejo Felix

    Administration Unit

    Administrative Senior Manager

  • Diego Mauricio Rueda Hernandez


    Talent Management Manager

  • Laura Garcia Fernandez


    Communication & Engagement Manager


Discover our values and commitments

Sustainability is part of our DNA. Learn more about ALLCOT’s mision, vision values and commitments. 


Our ethic commitment

ALLCOT’s ethical commitment is set out in our Code of Conduct, a document that helps to comply with norms, principles and existing values.

Discover ALLCOT’s ethic commitment and its Ethic’s Committee