Heading towards sustainable development

REDD+ Sur del Meta

Bosques de Paz, Sustento de Vida

ABC Mangrove Restoration Senegal

Protecting the singularity of the mangrove ecosystem

REDD+ Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Supporting the sustainable development of an irreplaceable natural heaven

Distribution of cookstoves in Turkana North

Providing a clean and safe cooking environment

Santa Marta Landfill Gas

Turning solid waste into climate action and social benefits

REDD+ Forêt des Marais Tanoé-Ehy

African Initiative to address deforestation and climate change

Reforestation of Degraded Forest Reserve Land

Sustainably managed forest plantations in Ghana

The African Cookstoves Initiative Bouaké

Increasing the availability and affordability of improved cookstoves

Promoting Clean Cookstoves in Senegal

Yielding a link between forest and people through improved cooking solutions

Regreening Africa with the power of permaculture

Protecting natural resources while promoting resilent communities

REDD+ Cameroon

Community conservation of communal forests in the southern plateau of Cameroon

Methane Emissions Reduction Programme in Senegal

Development of a compost facility in Touba