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Providing a safe and clean cooking environment

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Turkana is a remote region in Eastern Africa near the border of Ethiopia. It’s one of the driest and least developed regions of Kenya, and one of the most severely impacted in terms of their need for food assistance

Local communities’ livelihoods depend on the use of the traditional way of cooking, which comes with great health risks and negative impacts due to air pollution, open fires and inefficient stoves.


Facilitating access to clean cooking solutions and improving local communities’ quality of life

Charcoal remains the dominant cooking fuel in Africa. It has significant negative impacts on its users due to air pollution. It also contributes to forest degradation, having around 2 million ha per year deforested in the continent specifically for cooking purposes.

The distribution of efficient cookstoves in Turkana is a project aiming to increase the availability and affordability of improved cookstoves (ICS) in the region. Clean Cooking Devices are distinguished by their energy efficiency, their cost-effectiveness and the improvement of air quality.

Aztivate Foundation is a partner in the development of the project. The Foundation has a leading role due to its experience and expertise in the region, where it has been actively working since 2013.

The dissemination of 50.000 efficient firewood and charcoal stoves among rural communities in the area will enhance sustainable and economic development and growth. At the same time, the initiative helps reduce the threats to biodiversity by avoiding emissions from forest degradation. It enables carbon removals by supporting regeneration and reforestation of the natural forest in the region.


Project activities and goals

Environmental Impact

Cookstove distribution reduces direct emissions of climate pollutants as well as the thread to biodiversity by avoiding forest degradation


Reduction of the time women and children invest in fuel collection, who can instead participate in economic activities and attend school

Economic Impact

The project supports sustainable economic growth and enhances community cohesion and peace building


Aztivate Foundation is ALLCOT’s partner in the on-field work of the development of this project

Aztivate Foundation has more than 10 years of experience and knowledge of local communities and country specificities, including the construction of a pediatric clinic in the town of Lokitaung, as well as schools for the most disadvantaged children.


Improved cookstoves project


health impacts

Traditional cooking methods involve using three stones to create an open fire. The smoke and fumes produced by the fire can lead to respiratory problems, including chronic bronchitis and pneumonia.

Improved Cookstoves (ICS) come as an effort to promote cleaner, more efficient cooking methods among the local communities.

Improved cookstoves benefits

Access to clean cooking as a nature-based climate solution produces co-benefits for climate, nature and communities:

How does the project impact the communities of the area?

Paul Lobolia, ex-Chief Lokitaung Location, Turkana North, shares his testimonial on the importance of the project in changing and improving local communities’ life quality

Programme of Activities

The project is part of UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism’s African Cookstoves Initiative Programme of Activities

The purpose of this initiative, coordinated by ALLCOT, is to implement efficient cookstove and dryer technologies. It seeks to improve air and life quality for the local communities.

Clean cookstoves, key tool to achieving sustainability

Its positive effects on nature, productivity and people’s health make clean cookstoves an incomparable option to advance towards sustainable development.

Learn more on clean cookstoves as a sustainable solution!


An effective strategy to mitigate climate change while contributing to the sustainable development of 2.8 billion people in the world

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