Implementation of Article 6

Facilitating the implementation of solutions through Article 6 of the Paris Agreement under the framework of SDG 13 to achieve Net Zero targets of companies and countries by 2050


Climate Action Unit is pioneering in cooperative approaches under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement to implement technological and nature-based solutions towards a net zero future, driven by integrity, equity, and transparency.  



Enhancing environmental integrity

Climate Action Unit (CAU) is a cross-functional team in ALLCOT that offers advisory and consultancy services on climate policy, capacity building and financing options to countries and companies through the implementation of GHG mitigation activities.

CAU helps towards this mission as it is keen to implement market-based cooperative approaches under Article 6.2 for the transfer of Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs), operationalize market-based cooperative approaches under Article 6.4; and facilitate non-market approaches under Article 6.8.


How we do it?

Solar Panels

Origination, finance and ITMO generation


We are amongst the few project developers with dedicated Article 6 Office offering a one stop solution towards implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects worldwide, in three steps: origination, finance and ITMO generation.

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