ALLCOT Academy

Enhancing capacity building and raising awareness on climate action

ALLCOT Academy offers customized training and capacity building programs to promote sustainability and combat climate change.

We aspire to develop leadership and provide solutions in the era of the Paris Agreement in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At ALLCOT Academy, we aim to build, broaden and disseminate knowledge to all interested parties and forge strong capacities on the path to net-zero society.

Customized Capacity Building Programs

Addressing the challenges of climate change

With our customized capacity building programs we have been supporting individuals, organizations and communities in developing the skills and knowledge needed to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change and move towards more sustainable practices.

Our capacity building programs on sustainability, climate change and carbon markets are based on a Practice-based approach and the expert knowledge ALLCOT has since 2009.

Technology Transfer

Making technological knowledge accessible

ALLCOT actively promotes and facilitates the fair distribution of designs, inventions, information and technical knowledge among private and public actors and academia.

Aligned with the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism, ALLCOT’s Technology transfer aims at smoothening the spread of technological trends, increasing their exploitation and impact.

Doing so, we support countries to achieve their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Technical translation services

The profound knowledge obtained in the field since 2009, allows our expert team to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate translations of highest quality in multiple languages ensuring the worldwide reach and spread of skills, knowledge and empowerment.

We have the linguistic resources, optimized processes, industry leading technology solutions and technical knowledge to deliver flashing and professional translations for any technical documents and product manuals.

Programs on Climate Change and Sustainability

We deliver a variety of educational courses and bundles focused on the topics of climate change and sustainability to individuals, companies, NGOs and governmental organizations.

These tailored programs assembled from the products we offer ensure each and everyone can have an accessible yet personalized learning experience.


ALLCOT Academy’s
expertise tailored to meet your needs

Our Learning Solutions put our team’s technical knowledge, expertise and know-how to your service, whenever you need! We provide the tools and resources you need to build on the essential skills and knowledge in the field of climate change and sustainability.

Visit our e-learning platform

ALLCOT Academy’s e-learning platform is a flexible and powerful digital tool, available and responsive on all devices. It provides users with a wide range of educational content and learning solutions.

Research, Publications and Educational Material

At ALLCOT Academy, we work towards making knowledge and education accessible and affordable to everyone! We strive to facilitate learning processes through publications, interactive and engaging projects and educational material.

Interactive Games


We aim far beyond traditional capacity building and work on creating an inspired, empowered and creative community through our various innovative programs.

Strategic Alliances

We are pursuing strategic partnerships built upon dynamic, meaningful and durable collaborations in order to accomplish mutual goals and promote synergies.


Collaboration with the academia

We actively work to build impactful and lasting collaboration with universities across the globe. To date, we are connected to such education organisms as: