REDD+ Forêt des Marais Tanoé-Ehy

African Initiative to address deforestation and climate change

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Tanoé-Ehy Reserve is home to various unique and endangered species, including three endemic primate subspecies considered critically threatened by the IUCN

It’s one of the largest remaining tracks of rainforest in the Ivory Coast, at risk of deforestation due to illegal logging. Without decisive action, its consequences will extend beyond environmental loss, affecting millions of smallholder farmers who depend on the country’s agricultural economy.


REDD+ Forêt Des Marais Tanoé-Ehy aims to restore pristine rainforest habitat to invaluable and unique biodiversity

Suffering from unsustainable forestry practices, the Tanoé Reserve is also at risk due to palm oil production. These activities trigger a fragmented forest landscape.

The aim of this project is to protect 10,542.8 hectares of forest from deforestation by avoiding predicted 5,790 ha of deforestation, while contributing to empower local women in the sustainable management of forests.

Over its 30-year period of project lifetime, the project actively develops economically self-sustaining programs that will allow an estimated emission reduction of 1,600.000 tCO2e, according to the pre-feasibility study.

The project is carried out with the support and in coordination of CIDR Pamiga and CSRS, both local on-site organizations.

With a strong gender perspective in all its activities, the project empowers rural communities through the distribution of 40% of net income from the carbon credit generation and sale.


Project activities and goals

Environmental Impact

Protection of natural forest and biodiversity, which translates into emission removals and contribution to the national NDCs


Capacity building activities and employment generation in forest conservation and protection, as well as in secondary activities

Economic Impact

Community distribution of a percentage of net income from the carbon credits and development of economically-sustaining programs


Strengthening their roles as the local indigenous knowledge holders in the sustainable management of forests

Through the income from the carbon credits crosscutting, project activities will be implemented in four scopes:


CIDR Pamiga

CIDR Pamiga, with a vast experience in social and economic development as well as in the microfinance sector, are experts in facilitating the access of the local population to basic elements such as energy, water and the development of agriculture.

Conseil Régional Sud Comoé

Conseil Régional Sud Comé will especially focus on work on the forest implementing the conservation activities with the communities: sustainable productive projects, capacity building, awareness programmes, and community engagement.


REDD+ Fôret des Marais Tanoé-Ehy

Tanoé Reserve forest is home to…


Côte d’Ivoire braces to save what’s left of its single-digit forest cover

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