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The project takes place in the municipalities of Vistahermosa, Puerto Rico, Puerto Concordia and Puerto Lleras in the department of Meta, Colombia, an area with high deforestation rates

The project partners are farmers, most of them victims of the Colombian armed conflict, who until now have been engaged in extensive cattle ranching, clearing forests for pasture and hunting endangered animals such as the giant otter.


REDD+ Sur del Meta seeks to replace activities endangering local biodiversity with sustainable practices within the community

The project changes forest clearing and hunting for the implementation of sustainable and profitable livestock and agricultural projects for the farmers who own the land.

This REDD+ project’s goal is to conserve the carbon reserves associated with the forest, contributing to the fight against climate change and improving the quality of life of the communities living in the area.

The farmers who own the land are the main project partners. Through training and support for the development of sustainable productive activities, the conservation of the forest and its biodiversity is guaranteed.

The project brings together 9 associations and 38 community action boards, which in total include 985 community members who are the legal owners of 77,161 hectares of land.

The project expects to reduce 7,798,102 tonnes of carbon in a minimum of 30 years.

The resources for the sustainability of the project and its partners come from the sale of carbon credits generated by the conserved forest.


Project activities and goals

Where once there was violence, today there is peace and opportunity

Funding communities through forest conservation

This ongoing and live project enables the sustainable development of local communities through forest conservation.

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We are seeing the change of life, which for us is going to be a livelihood


Pedro Rocha, Puerto Lleras


Conservación Sur del Meta

Learn more about REDD+ Sur del Meta project, its goals, activities and latest news and updates.

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