REDD+ Cameroon

Community conservation of communal forests in the southern plateau of Cameroon

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Located in the South Region of Cameroon, the project area is part of the Congo Basin forest, considered the world’s second-largest biodiversity reserve after the Amazon

Over the past few years, 4,9% of the forest in the area has suffered from deforestation loss. With further degradation, the area will eventually not be able to fulfill its ecosystem functions. Therefore, millions of smallholder farmers’ livelihoods are put at risk.


Protecting and conserving communal forest in Cameroon, contributing to the achievement of the country’s NDCs

Given Cameroon’s development ambitions, the project aims not only at protecting a unique and rich forest area, but to contribute to achieving the reduction targets as defined at national level.

The REDD+ Cameroon project aims at conserving 1.761.753 hectares of forest from predicted deforestation, therefore ensuring and protecting the local communities’ livelihood sources, as well as contributing to achieve Cameroon’s NDCs.

With a project durability of 30 years, the project activities will generate an estimated of 2,5M tCO2e of annual emission reduction. It aims at improving governance in the areas of forest conservation and management for fair, equitable and sustainable economic and social development.

The project is carried out with the support and in coordination of the technical partners Green Earth Cameroon SARL and Albo Climate.

Green Earth Cameroon SARL is in charge of managing the carbon credits generated through the project at an international level. Albo Climate participates as provider of remote sensing solutions for carbon monitoring.


Project activities and goals

Environmental Impact

Protection of natural forest and biodiversity, contributing to achieve Cameroon’s national NDCs and its reduction targets



Promoting sustainable development in the area as well as empowering local women by strengthening their role within the community

Economic Impact

Ensure local communities’ livelihood sources as well as a benefit-sharing mechanism for equally distributed project benefits


Strengthening their roles as the local indigenous knowledge holders in the sustainable management of forests

Through the income from the carbon credits crosscutting, project activities will be implemented in four scopes:

REDD+ Cameroon technical project partners


REDD+ Cameroon


Empowering change through project implementation

Integrity, transparency or accuracy are the standout features of this project, which implements:

Women empowerment
With a focus on women, generating income-generation opportunities as business owners and entrepreneurs
Digital MRV
Reducing the risk of over crediting through remote sensing forest carbon methods
Biodiversity impact
Equitable, nature positive outcomes, contributing to address climate goals

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