Don’t trade the future, trade environmental credits

ALLCOT Trading, as part of ALLCOT, is the first responsible Trading House of the Paris Era. It promotes a transparent market, with fair prices, and one in which the largest portion of the price of the credit goes directly to the project owner

We take trading to another level, assuring an environmental, social and economic impact in every transaction


Our way of doing business

ALLCOT Trading is the evolution of traditional trading, aiming to promote and foster sustainable development. Triple Impact Trading means:




What sets us apart

Transparency and integrity are part of ALLCOT’s DNA. That’s why we ensure that ALLCOT Trading’s daily operations reflect that belief. Under the custodianship of Conservation International Colombia, 5% of ALLCOT Trading’s net income is destined to the Raphäel Fund, with the aim of protecting vulnerable ecosystems and communities.



How to work together

We are happy to put our expertise, knowledge and experience in the market at your disposal to work together in pursuing your goals.


Interested in trading environmental credits? Let’s do it together!


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ALLCOT’s project development

Learn more about ALLCOT as project developer, our processes and guarantees!

ALLCOT Trading, the evolution of traditional trading to promote sustainable development